Companies reach out to trusted firms like IWA, which offers registered manpower supply in Poland. Outsourcing rigger labour supply in Poland to IWA helps you navigate the complex process of recruiting them from other sources. Employing a qualified and experienced rigger, a skilled tradesperson is crucial considering the seriousness of the task undertaken. Controlling heavy machinery like a crane, chain hoist, or derrick, lifting heavy items, moving to the assigned spot, and placing them properly necessitate not only a license but also ability.

Examine the manpower agency in Poland that offers rigger jobs in Poland and confirm their credibility. It is not advisable to go for unauthorized manpower supply companies in Poland, due to many reasons including lack of reliability.


We are always looking for skilled and experienced riggers to join our team. Please visit our careers page or contact us for information on current rigger vacancies.

A rigger foreman is responsible for overseeing the work of riggers on a construction site, ensuring that all tasks are completed safely and efficiently. They are also responsible for planning and scheduling work, coordinating with other departments, and managing budgets.

A rigger supervisor is responsible for managing a team of riggers, ensuring that they are following all relevant safety regulations and completing tasks on schedule. They also oversee the planning and scheduling of work and communicate with other departments to ensure that all work is coordinated.