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We’re More Than A Industrial Company

Our manpower recruiting agency’s primary focus is on providing staffing solutions to businesses across various industries.

While industrial companies primarily deal with the production, manufacturing, and sale of goods, IWA is a manpower placement agency that provides services to support these companies.

IWA specializes in providing

  • Temporary and permanent staffing solutions
  • Manpower job vacancies
  • Manpower services
  • Recruitment services


Areas of Expertise

The fast-paced and flexible market we operate in requires the hiring of additional specialists to achieve the best outcomes

Civil construction

Building, infrastructure, and maintenance projects in the construction industry.


Efficient movement of goods, resources, and information in supply chains.


Installation and repair of pipes for water and drainage systems.

Oil and gas

Joining metal components in the oil and gas industry using welding techniques.


Production of goods through various processes in industrial settings.


Different welding methods: MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), MAG (Metal Active Gas).

Inspiring solutions

Why IWA Is the best consultancy in Poland?

IWA is a renowned manpower company that specializes in providing employment solutions to individuals seeking jobs in Europe.

We have a strong presence in Poland and offer a wide range of job opportunities to job seekers in the country. For those who have skills in welding, IWA has job openings for welders in Poland and they are currently hiring for this position. As a reliable job agency in Poland, IWA ensures that candidates are matched with job openings that suit their skills and experience. With their extensive network and experience in the industry, IWA is committed to providing quality employment solutions to both job seekers and employers.

Nanjing Kisen Cement Electromechanical Equipment Installation Co
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IWA International

Frequently Asked Questions

Poland offers job opportunities for English speakers in various industries. Some positions include language teaching, customer service, IT and technology, business services, tourism and hospitality, marketing and communication, sales and business development, international organizations, and freelancing/remote work. English speakers can find jobs as English teachers, customer service representatives, IT professionals, finance/accounting analysts, hotel staff, marketing specialists, sales representatives, professionals in international organizations, and freelancers in fields like writing, editing, graphic design, translation, and virtual assistance.

Employers in Europe value a range of skills when hiring. Key skills include language proficiency, technical and digital skills, intercultural competence, problem-solving and analytical skills, effective communication and collaboration, adaptability and resilience, leadership and management abilities, business acumen, creativity and innovation, and essential soft skills. These skills enable individuals to thrive in Europe's diverse and dynamic business environment, making them highly sought after by employers across various industries.

Employers seek workers who possess a combination of technical skills, personal qualities, and professional attributes that align with their company's values and goals. Key qualities often sought by employers include reliability and accountability, adaptability and flexibility, a strong work ethic, communication skills, teamwork and collaboration, problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, a positive attitude, initiative and proactivity, a commitment to continuous learning and adaptability, and professionalism and integrity. These qualities contribute to an individual's success in the workplace and make them highly valued by employers across industries.

For job seekers, an employment agency in Warsaw provides access to a vast network of employers and job opportunities across various industries. These agencies have in-depth knowledge of the local job market, including industry trends, hiring practices, and skills in demand. Their expertise allows them to match candidates with suitable employment opportunities that align with their qualifications and career goals.

IWA, is a globally recognized HR services company that operates in Poznan. With their expertise in staffing and recruitment, IWA connects job seekers with both temporary and permanent positions across different sectors. Their professionalism and commitment to matching candidates with suitable job opportunities have earned them a strong reputation in the industry.

Research the job market and identify industries open to hiring foreigners. Consider improving your Polish language skills to enhance communication. Network by attending professional events, conferences, and using online platforms like LinkedIn. Utilize online job platforms such as IWA, Indeed.pl, and GoldenLine.pl to search for job opportunities.Contact recruitment agencies specializing in placing foreigners in Poznan for assistance and guidance.

Clients feedbacks

What They’re Talking About Company Work

“IWA Manpower Services stands out for their exceptional customer service. They take the time to understand our needs, provide regular updates throughout the recruitment process, and deliver candidates who are a great match for our organization. It’s a pleasure working with their team.”

Emma Wilson

Recruitment Coordinator

Patrick Johanson

“IWA Manpower Services truly understands our industry and the specific skill sets we require. Their ability to source highly qualified candidates within tight timelines is impressive. We have hired multiple candidates through them, and each one has been a valuable addition to our team.”

Michael Harris

IT Manager

Patrick Johanson
  • Construction

    Providing quality employment solutions in civil & construction

  • Petroleum and Gas

    The bestmanpower consultancy services in oil & gas industry

  • Mechanical

    Providing quality employment solutions in mechanical

Industrial Groups

We Create Big Things with Big Ideas

IWA is a superior manpower company when compared to other staffing agencies and recruitment agencies due to its specialized approach to recruitment. As a recruitment specialist, IWA has a deep understanding of the industry and is dedicated to finding the best job candidates for their clients.

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