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We're More Than A Industrial Company

Our Manpower Staffing and Recruitment agency focuses on providing solutions to both employers and employees to find perfect employees and job opportunities.

While industrial companies primarily deal with the production, manufacturing, and sale of goods, IWA is a manpower placement agency that provides services to support these companies.

IWA specializes in providing

  • Temporary and permanent staffing solutions
  • Manpower job vacancies
  • Manpower services
  • Recruitment services


Areas of Expertise

The fast-paced and flexible market we operate in requires the hiring of additional specialists to achieve the best outcomes

Civil construction

Building, infrastructure, and maintenance projects in the construction industry.


Efficient movement of goods, resources, and information in supply chains.


Installation and repair of pipes for water and drainage systems.

Oil and gas

Joining metal components in the oil and gas industry using welding techniques.


Production of goods through various processes in industrial settings.


Different welding methods: MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), MAG (Metal Active Gas).

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Why IWA Is the best job consultancy in Poland?

IWA is a renowned manpower company that specializes in providing employment solutions to individuals seeking jobs in Europe.

IWA International, a trusted job agency in Poland, bridges the gap between employers and skilled workers across various industries.With a focus on lasting partnerships, our expertise goes beyond just finding a job. We use our wide network to connect employers in Poland's major cities with top talent, including foreign workers seeking opportunities in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Norway. Our reach extends beyond borders, specializing in industries like civil construction, logistics, plumbing, oil and gas, manufacturing, and MIG/TIG/MAG welding. This collaborative approach ensures a smooth and successful experience for both employers and employees, fostering long-term success for all.

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IWA International

Frequently Asked Questions

IWA International offers several aspects that make it an attractive choice for potential employers looking to connect with the right employees in Poland. Firstly, they have a vast network and database of qualified candidates, allowing employers access to a diverse pool of talent across various industries and skill sets. This breadth of options increases the chances of finding the perfect match for a specific job role. As a leading job agency in Poland IWA Services focuses on personalized matchmaking, taking into account not just qualifications but also cultural fit, work ethic, and long-term compatibility. This approach leads to higher retention rates and better employee performance, ultimately benefiting the employer's bottom line. Furthermore, IWA International provides comprehensive support throughout the recruitment process, from initial job posting to candidate screening, interviews, and onboarding. This level of assistance saves employers time and resources while ensuring a smooth and efficient hiring experience. Additionally, IWA Services stays updated with market trends, labor regulations, and industry demands, enabling them to offer valuable insights and guidance to employers regarding recruitment strategies, salary benchmarks, and employee retention practices. Overall, IWA International's combination of a wide talent pool, personalized matchmaking, comprehensive support, and industry expertise makes it an attractive choice for employers seeking to find the right employees in Poland.

Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, offers a plethora of job opportunities across various sectors. As the country's economic and cultural hub, Warsaw attracts both local and international businesses, creating a diverse employment landscape. Industries such as finance, IT, healthcare, Manufacturing, and tourism thrive in Warsaw, providing ample job openings for skilled professionals. Additionally, the city's strategic location and well-developed infrastructure make it an attractive destination for job seekers looking for dynamic career prospects in Poland.

Yes, foreigners can find jobs in Poland. The country's growing economy and expanding industries, such as IT, finance, engineering, and healthcare, offer numerous employment opportunities for skilled expatriates. Additionally, Poland is part of the European Union, allowing citizens of EU member states to work freely without needing additional permits. Non-EU citizens can also work in Poland by obtaining the necessary work permits or visas, especially if they possess in-demand skills or qualifications sought by Polish employers.

Yes, you can work in Poland if you only speak English, especially in industries such as IT, finance, customer service, and tourism, where English proficiency is highly valued. Many multinational companies and tech startups in Poland use English as their primary language of communication, making it feasible for English-speaking individuals to secure employment. However, learning basic Polish can still be beneficial for daily interactions and integration into the local culture and community.

Foreigners can find jobs in Poland through various avenues. One effective method is to leverage job agencies in Poland specializing in international placements. These agencies can assist with job search, application processes, and connecting candidates with suitable employers. Networking through professional platforms like LinkedIn and attending industry events or job fairs in Poland can also help in job hunting. Additionally, acquiring the necessary work permits or visas and demonstrating relevant skills and qualifications are essential steps for foreigners seeking employment in Poland.

To verify an employment agency in Poland, you can follow a few steps to ensure its legitimacy. Firstly, check if the agency is registered with the appropriate government authorities, such as the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy or the National Labor Inspectorate. Look for official certifications or accreditations that demonstrate their compliance with industry standards. Additionally, research the agency's reputation by reading reviews and testimonials from other clients or job seekers. Contacting the agency directly to inquire about their services, fees, and client references can also provide valuable insights into their credibility. Lastly, be cautious of agencies that promise unrealistic outcomes or ask for upfront payments without providing clear information about their services. Taking these precautions can help you verify the legitimacy of an employment agency in Poland and avoid potential scams or fraudulent practices.

Clients feedbacks

What They’re Talking About Company Work

“IWA Manpower Services stands out for their exceptional customer service. They take the time to understand our needs, provide regular updates throughout the recruitment process, and deliver candidates who are a great match for our organization. It’s a pleasure working with their team.”

Emma Wilson

Recruitment Coordinator

Patrick Johanson

“IWA Manpower Services truly understands our industry and the specific skill sets we require. Their ability to source highly qualified candidates within tight timelines is impressive. We have hired multiple candidates through them, and each one has been a valuable addition to our team.”

Michael Harris

IT Manager

Patrick Johanson
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    Providing quality employment solutions in civil & construction

  • Petroleum and Gas

    The bestmanpower consultancy services in oil & gas industry

  • Mechanical

    Providing quality employment solutions in mechanical

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We Create Big Things with Big Ideas

IWA is a superior manpower company when compared to other staffing agencies and recruitment agencies due to its specialized approach to recruitment. As a recruitment specialist, IWA has a deep understanding of the industry and is dedicated to finding the best job candidates for their clients.

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