The success of projects largely depends on the expertise and skills of the workforce. Nevertheless, the industries in Poland face a consistent shortage of qualified and experienced employees for electrical jobs. The market demands a quick and agile response to deliver optimal results, requiring the hiring of more experts. IWA acknowledges this need and provides Manpower electrical services to meet it.

Considering the diverse industries that require support, we have broadened our services to meet all your needs. We specialize in providing top-notch Manpower Supply solutions to businesses based in Poland which include:

  • Design and engineering services
  • Construction management
  • Site preparation
  • Building construction
  • Maintenance and repair services

Electrician Normal

Skilled worker who installs, maintains, and repairs electrical systems and equipment.

Electrical Foreman

Supervises and coordinates electrical work on construction projects or sites.

Electrical Helper

Assists electricians in various tasks, such as installation and maintenance.

Industrial Electrician

Skilled electrician specializing in electrical systems within industrial settings.

Electrical Supervisor

Oversees and manages electrical installations and maintenance activities on-site.

Electrical Engineer

Professional who designs and oversees electrical systems and equipment installation.