Mechanical outsourcing refers to the practice of hiring external companies or individuals to manage the mechanical services of a business. These services can include maintenance and repair of equipment, installation of new machinery, and other related tasks. Mechanical outsourcing can be a cost-effective solution for businesses that need to manage their mechanical services but lack the resources or expertise to do so in-house.

At IWA Manpower, we offer mechanical outsourcing services for businesses of all sizes. Our experienced team of mechanical engineers and technicians can help you with all your mechanical needs, including installation, maintenance, and repair of equipment.

Services that fall under mechanical outsourcing include:

  • Manufacturing: Outsourcing manufacturing services can be a cost-effective way to produce goods without the need for expensive equipment or skilled labor.
  • Engineering: Outsourcing engineering services can be useful for businesses that require specialized knowledge or expertise in areas such as product design, prototyping, or testing.
  • Maintenance: Outsourcing maintenance services can help businesses keep their equipment and facilities in good working order, reducing the risk of breakdowns and downtime.

Duct man

Worker who installs and maintains ductwork for heating and ventilation systems.


Worker who installs insulation materials to improve temperature and sound control.


Skilled worker who installs and repairs plumbing systems and fixtures.


Skilled worker who installs, assembles, and maintains piping systems.


Skilled worker who cuts, shapes, and assembles metal components or structures.