Requirements and Qualities

  • Employees who exhibit positive and desirable traits usually get more career growth and development opportunities.
  • Highlighting these characteristics can also help make a positive impression during job interviews.
  • If you are searching for jobs for freshers, jobs for immigrants or jobs for refugees, the typical traits of an effective employee include a mix of both hard and soft skills.

IWA International

Most preferred jobs

  • Iwa International

Mig welder

Welder who specializes in using the MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding process.

  • Iwa International

Tig Welder

Welder who specializes in using the TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding process.

  • Iwa International

Electrician Normal

Skilled worker who installs, maintains, and repairs electrical systems and equipment.

IWA International

Manpower Solutions


We offer full control of selected employees and processes - we take responsibility for their performance and performance of specific tasks at an agreed level, which means a number of benefits for your business.

OnSite Solutions 

We build a team of workforce consultants in your office to respond to the needs of employees and customers even faster. We effectively execute volume recruiting by taking on recruiting and hiring responsibilities.

Temporary Work

We offer businesses the flexibility to increase or decrease staff as needed at any given time. We recruit the right people at the right time and handle the administrative and legal issues related to their employment.

Permanent Recruitment 

We combine innovative tools and methods for selecting employees and recruiting, employees. Thanks to the experience and dedication of specialized consultants, we effectively connect employers in various fields with the knowledge they need.

Why Choose Us

We connect you with a great workforce with the help of our great team of experts. There are several reasons to choose us, the main ones are:

Comprehensive Services

Our clients are offered the best work in Poland. Our main goal is to provide high quality work supplies. The flexibility of our service offer is an additional advantage for our customers.

Transparency Guaranteed

We are successful headhunders in Europe due to our integrity and adherence to labor standards. We have always kept the entire process transparent for our customers.

Full Responsibility

We take full responsibility to provide the best jobs in Poland for English speakers, the best jobs in Poland for foreigners and manpower to strengthen your team.

Affordable and economical

Our services do not burn your pocket. We are talent acquisition specialists who ensure that clients get the best workforce for their budget. We recognize the responsibility of ensuring the right staffing.