Tig Welder

Tig Welder

Every TIG welder looking to kickstart their career in Poland knows choosing the right equipment is crucial. At IWA International, a leading international recruitment agency, we understand that. We’re here to guide you through the different welder options available and connect you with the perfect job opportunity to launch your success.

TIG Welding Options for Beginners in Poland

Arc TIG Welder: This is an excellent welder choice for beginners due to its affordability and simplicity. It utilizes a tungsten electrode to create an electric arc, melting the base metal and allowing you to join it with a separate filler rod. Arc TIG welding offers precise, high-quality welds, but mastering the technique can take practice.

Multiprocess Welder (TIG/MIG): For those seeking more versatility, a multiprocess welder offers both TIG and MIG (Metal Inert Gas) functionalities. This allows you to tackle a wider range of projects. A wire feeder in MIG mode simplifies the process by continuously feeding filler metal, making it easier to learn and boosting efficiency compared to an arc welder. In Poland’s industrial sector, TIG/MIG welders are commonly used for thicker metals.

IWA International: Your Partner in Finding the Right TIG Welder Job

Beyond equipment selection, IWA International provides comprehensive support for aspiring welders in Poland. We offer:

TIG Welder Job Search Assistance: We connect you with reputable companies seeking skilled welders throughout Poland.
Visa & Work Permit Support: Navigating immigration processes can be challenging. Our expertise ensures a smooth transition for international welder candidates.
Pre-departure Guidance: We provide resources to help you acclimate to living and working in Poland.
Career Development: We believe in your ongoing growth. IWA International can connect you with training opportunities to further enhance your TIG welding skills and advance your career in Poland.

Don’t let equipment selection hold you back from pursuing your dream TIG welder career in Poland. Leverage IWA International’s expertise to find the right tools and the perfect job opportunity. Contact us today and let’s get started!


TIG welding welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to create an arc between the electrode and the metal being welded. An inert gas, typically argon, is used to shield the weld from contaminants in the air, resulting in a high-quality, precise weld.

Argon welding is another name for TIG welding, as argon is commonly used as the shielding gas in this welding process. Argon is an inert gas that does not react with the metal being welded, providing a clean, stable environment for the welding arc and resulting in a high-quality, strong weld.

The TIG welder salary can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as experience, location, and industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers was $44,190 as of May 2022. TIG welders with specialized skills or working in high-demand industries may earn higher salaries.