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Poland has become an attractive location for welding industry employment customers as the need for qualified welders increases. If you are looking for a fresh start as a welder or want to change your job, then consider job offers by Iwa International. We provide Mig/Mag Welding Jobs in Poland for foreigners.
In recent years we are the best in recruiting foreigners for Poland in many sectors. Currently we are hiring mig/mag welders in Częstochowa Poland.

Job Description

Uses electric MIG welding equipment to join metal product components by carrying out the following tasks.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Inserts the appropriate electrode wire into a portable MIG welding gun.
  • As needed, according to the relevant authorized welding procedure(s), connect wires from the welding unit to collect power, voltage, slope, and pulse.
  • creates electric current by turning on the power supply.
  • strikes (forms) an arc, which produces heat enough to melt and deposit metal from the electrode onto the workpiece, joining its edges.
  • Using a manual electrode or gun, move it down the welding line at a precise length and speed to create the desired depth of fusion and bead, as determined by the size of the molten puddle, the color of the metal, and the sound of the weld.
  • Welds in positions that are vertical, horizontal, or flat.
  • checks the weld for additional requirements, such as bead size.
  • removes oil or dirt from a workpiece or weld joint.
  • patches holes and fixes damaged or broken components.
  • creates surface grooving or scarfing to prepare shattered components for welding.
  • places workpieces in a jig or fixture and clamps them together. Assemblies are tacked together.
  • You could be given additional tasks.

Required Qualifications and Skills for our Mig/Mag welders

Each job requires its own qualifications and skills. Below are the qualifications and skills required by our welders.

  • Skilled in reading and interpreting written materials, including procedure manuals, operating and maintenance guidelines, and safety regulations.
  • Capabilities in Mathematics The ability to use whole numbers, common fractions, and decimals for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in all units of measurement.
  • Ability to understand calculations using rates and ratios.
  • Logic The capacity to use common sense comprehension to follow written, spoken, or diagrammed directions.
  • The capacity to handle issues with several physical factors in specific contexts.
  • Not necessary are any licenses, certificates, or registrations.

And additionally, Extra Capabilities and Skills An essential employment need, attendance is the capacity to work regular hours and shifts, overtime before and after shifts, and on weekends. It also includes regular, consistent, dependable, timely, and predictable attendance. Capacity to work both independently and collaboratively with all relevant departments and factories to satisfy both internal and external customers.

Physical Demands Matters in Welding

Compared to an office job, welding jobs need more physical power. Physical stamina and fitness are highly valued in the welding industry due to its nature. The worker must frequently stand, bend, kneel, squat, or crawl in order to carry out the tasks of this profession. They must also frequently reach with their hands and arms. It is usually necessary for the employee to take a walk. Sometimes, the worker must sit and speak. And also this position specifically requires near eyesight, distant vision, a sense of depth, and the capacity to change focus.

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