Area of Expertise

IWA can be used by specialized personnel to guide and monitor the work of construction contractors on construction sites in the installation of civil engineering, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, piping, cabling and can deliver services for construction plumbing jobs and Mig mag and Tig welding.

Civil construction

Building, infrastructure, and maintenance projects in the construction industry.


Efficient movement of goods, resources, and information in supply chains.


Installation and repair of pipes for water and drainage systems.

Oil and gas

Joining metal components in the oil and gas industry using welding techniques.


Production of goods through various processes in industrial settings.


Different welding methods: MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), MAG (Metal Active Gas).

Experienced Employees

Are you looking for workers for your team? If your answer is yes, then look no further than IWA. IWA is the top staffing agency in Poland in the industry and a seasoned recruitment partner with over a decade of experience in connecting businesses with the perfect candidates. Our success comes from our excellent talent-finding plan. We've fine-tuned it over many years of working in different industries.We understand the unique recruiting ne

What makes IWA truly stand out in other staffing agencies in Poland? We're totally dedicated to doing great work and making sure our clients are happy. We don't do generic solutions; instead, we customize everything to fit perfectly with your company's goals.

We're proud of giving really good customer service, making sure the hiring process goes smoothly and ends successfully. We prioritize clear communication and ongoing collaboration throughout the entire recruitment process. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the support and guidance you need to make informed hiring decisions.

We value building lasting relationships with our clients. Our dedication to excellence and client satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success.

IWA International

Manpower Solutions


We offer full control of selected employees and processes - we take responsibility for their performance and performance of specific tasks at an agreed level, which means a number of benefits for your business.

OnSite Solutions 

We build a team of workforce consultants in your office to respond to the needs of employees and customers even faster. We effectively execute volume recruiting by taking on recruiting and hiring responsibilities.

Temporary Work

We offer businesses the flexibility to increase or decrease staff as needed at any given time. We recruit the right people at the right time and handle the administrative and legal issues related to their employment.

Permanent Recruitment 

We combine innovative tools and methods for selecting employees and recruiting, employees. Thanks to the experience and dedication of specialized consultants, we effectively connect employers in various fields with the knowledge they need.

IWA International

Frequently Asked Questions

IWA Manpower Services is a renowned staffing and recruitment agency that offers several compelling reasons to consider their services. Here are some key factors that make IWA Manpower Services a viable choice: Extensive Experience and Expertise: With a proven track record in the staffing industry, IWA Manpower Services brings extensive experience and expertise to the table. They have a deep understanding of the recruitment process, industry trends, and the local job market. This enables them to provide effective and efficient staffing solutions tailored to the needs of their clients. Vast Talent Pool: IWA Manpower Services has access to a vast talent pool of qualified candidates across various industries and job roles. They employ comprehensive recruitment strategies to identify and connect with skilled professionals, allowing them to match candidates with suitable positions quickly and efficiently. Customized Recruitment Solutions: Recognizing that each client has unique requirements, IWA Manpower Services offers customized recruitment solutions. They take the time to understand their clients' specific needs, company culture, and goals. This enables them to deliver tailored staffing solutions that align with their clients' expectations and contribute to their organizational success. Streamlined Recruitment Process: IWA Manpower Services streamlines the recruitment process for their clients by handling the time-consuming tasks associated with sourcing, screening, and shortlisting candidates. They conduct thorough assessments, including interviews and reference checks, to ensure the suitability and quality of candidates presented to their clients. Access to Diverse Talent: IWA Manpower Services recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. They have a commitment to connecting clients with talented professionals from diverse backgrounds, contributing to a rich and inclusive workforce.

As a Staffing Agency in Poland IWA International stands out from other staffing agencies due to its unique approach to talent acquisition and placement. Unlike traditional agencies that focus solely on matching skills to job requirements, IWA International goes beyond surface-level matches. They prioritize understanding the culture, values, and long-term goals of both candidates and client companies. This holistic approach ensures not just a skills fit but also a cultural fit, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention rates. Additionally, IWA International invests heavily in continuous training and development for their candidates, ensuring they are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge. They also offer personalized career coaching, helping individuals navigate their career paths effectively. Overall, IWA International's Staffing Agency distinguishes itself through its comprehensive approach, focusing on long-term success for both candidates and clients rather than just short-term placements based on skills alone.

Manpower recruitment involves finding and hiring the right people for job positions within a company. This process includes tasks like creating job postings, searching for qualified candidates, conducting interviews, and assessing candidates' skills and experiences. The goal is to match the best-suited individuals with the job roles available, ensuring that both the company and the employees can thrive together in their respective roles.

The purpose of a manpower company is to help connect businesses with the right people for their job openings. They work to find skilled workers who fit well with the company's needs and culture. By doing this, manpower companies support businesses in finding the talent they need to succeed while also helping job seekers find opportunities that match their skills and interests.

When selecting a staffing agency in Poland, several key considerations are crucial. First, evaluate their industry expertise and track record in placing candidates in your specific sector. Second, assess their recruitment process and screening methods to ensure they can find quality candidates efficiently. Third, consider their reputation and client feedback to gauge their reliability and success rate. Additionally, review their contract terms, fees, and any additional services they offer, such as training or onboarding support. By thoroughly evaluating these factors, you can choose a staffing agency in Poland that aligns with your hiring needs and business objectives effectively.