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For skilled welders, especially those with experience in aluminium welding, Poland is quickly becoming an important location. Experts who can connect metals with speed and grace are in high demand due to the expanding economy and rising manufacturing operations. The aluminum MIG welding jobs in Poland is worth your attention, whether you’re an experienced welder searching for new challenges or someone thinking about starting a career in welding.

IWA International currently offers job openings in MIG welding, mainly those specializing in aluminum welding. Grab your chance and place your position in the welding field for a bright future.

Vacancies of Aluminium MIG welding jobs

We are searching for skilled people to join our team as the need for qualified aluminum welders is growing. Look at our vacancies and join us on our journey toward excellence in aluminum welding if you have the knowledge and a passion for precision welding.

Job Description

We are Hiring MIG Welders with experience in aluminum to join their expanding manufacturing activities. Opportunities for career advancement are offered.

For the aerospace and motorsport sectors, the position demands a proficient aluminum MIG welder to work on intricate parts like heat exchangers, radiators, and intercoolers. The ideal applicant should be confident in their ability to make choices, work independently, and enjoy producing high-quality work. They should also have a strong work ethic.


Location : Częstochowa Poland
Payment: zł26-zł30
Working Hours: 8-10
Accommodation: Free

Required Qualification

  • experience with precise welding of aluminum.
  • Experience in welding 1.2mm-3mm aluminium is desirable.
  • capable of welding premium aluminum to exacting structural and aesthetic standards.
  • ability to understand and analyze detailed 2D designs.
  • good knowledge of using fixtures and jigs to gain accuracy in the final section.
  • Strong fabrication and hand tool skills.
  • ability to complete tasks with great precision and attention to detail under time constraints.
  • The capacity to stay calm and concentrated under pressure Experience well.
  • Expertise in welding heat exchangers for the automotive or aerospace sectors is highly valued, as is the ability to maintain composure and concentration under pressure.

IWA International is leading this exciting adventure as the MIG welding job environment in Poland, particularly in the aluminum industry, continues to develop at an impressive rate. We encourage everyone interested in starting a fulfilling career path, including seasoned welders, to investigate the options available in this booming sector. Please participate in our goal to maintain the standards of quality and innovation in the Aluminium MIG welding jobs industry by joining IWA International. Apply now!


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