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Finding the right workers for your business can be a challenging task, especially if you have specific requirements, deadlines, or budgets. You may need skilled, experienced, or flexible workers who can adapt to your work environment and culture. You may also need workers who can speak different languages, have valid work permits, or are willing to relocate. How can you find such workers without spending too much time, money, or effort? One solution is to use a manpower staffing agency, which is a company that provides workers for various sectors and industries.

A manpower staffing agency can help you find qualified workers who match your criteria and expectations. A manpower staffing agency can also handle the recruitment, screening, training, and payroll processes for you, saving you from the hassle and risk of hiring workers directly.

IWA Manpower Staffing Agency – Your Experts in Employing Global Talent

One of the leading manpower staffing agencies in Europe is IWA International, which specializes in providing workers from Poland for businesses that have labor needs. IWA International hires migrant workers for clients representing various industries, such as production, manufacturing, automotive, FMCG, logistics, agriculture, hospitality, and care.

IWA International has a large database of workers who are ready to work in different countries and sectors. IWA International also has a team of experts who can assist you with the legal, administrative, and logistical aspects of hiring workers from Poland. IWA International can help you with the following services:

Recruitment: IWA International can find the best candidates for your vacancies, based on your requirements and preferences. IWA International can also conduct interviews, tests, and background checks to ensure the quality and reliability of the workers.

Training: IWA International can provide the necessary training and orientation for the workers, such as language courses, cultural awareness, health and safety, and work ethics. IWA International can also customize the training according to your specific needs and standards.

Placement: IWA International can arrange the transportation, accommodation, and insurance for the workers, as well as the work permits, visas, and contracts. IWA International can also monitor the performance and satisfaction of the workers, and provide feedback and support to both the workers and the clients.

IWA International – Bridging the Global Talent Gap

Recruiting and employing workers globally is a complex process, especially for entities new to the foreign market. IWA International, with its extensive experience and reputable standing, navigates the challenges. With branches in various countries and representative offices in strategic locations, the agency communicates effectively with candidates worldwide.

Every week, IWA International successfully recruits and employs around 800 new workers for businesses in various sectors within the European Union. The agency significantly contributes to market stability, ensuring a continuous workflow and protection against staffing issues.

IWA International – Your Reliable Business Hiring Partner

Choosing a manpower staffing agency involves considering long-term benefits. IWA International not only acts as a service provider for ongoing manufacturing processes but also serves as a specialized consultant and substantive partner, facilitating faster and more effective business growth.

IWA International has addressed staff shortages in diverse economic sectors, employing workers ranging from Civil, Electrical, Welding, Mechanical. The agency’s expertise, specialist knowledge, and swift adoption of new service standards contribute to the implementation of the most optimal employment policies.

IWA International – Your Trusted Source for Manpower Staffing Services

With specialized business lines, IWA International provides high-quality services in industries like logistics, food production, automotive, agriculture, and meat processing. The agency’s know-how efficiently handles large projects, with specialists offering expertise and support in making business decisions and estimating staffing needs.

IWA International – Advocating for Industry Growth

IWA International doesn’t just provide personnel; it actively works to minimize turnover ratios and improve service quality. The agency continuously monitors government draft laws, promoting the need for more liberal regulations and streamlined procedures. As part of the IWA Foundation, it focuses on developing active communication and cooperation methods between employees, governmental institutions, and migrants.

Embrace a strategic partnership with IWA International for your workforce needs. Benefit from comprehensive solutions, specialist know-how, and flexible, effective processes tailored to your business’s current needs. Choose IWA International as your strategic partner for manpower staffing services.


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