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Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding is a globally adopted technique for joining metal parts by melting the metal through an electric arc. This process entails continuously feeding a solid wire electrode through a welding gun while incorporating a shielding gas, usually a combination of argon and carbon dioxide. The shielding gas protects the weld from air impurities, such as oxygen and nitrogen, which may result in defects in the weld. if you are looking for a career in Mig welding jobs, IWA international is the best choice for you.

Is MIG welding jobs a good career?

For people who love working with metal and need professional security, MIG welding jobs may be a satisfying and promising career choice. The demand for competent welders is still quite strong as manufacturing, construction, and automotive sectors continue to expand. For MIG welders, this presents a robust work market with competitive pay. MIG welding is also accessible to people looking for a speedy entry into the industry due to the comparatively short training period needed to become skilled in it. Individuals may carve themselves into a rewarding and secure career in the MIG welding industry with commitment and continual skill improvement.

Mig welding jobs (Carbon steel) vacancies

To add to our group of highly qualified experts, we are now looking for a highly trustworthy and goal-driven MIG welder. The Mig welding jobs requires reading blueprints, choosing the right tools and materials, estimating and putting together material prices, using cutting tools, working out gas ratios, drilling holes, and keeping track of inventories. Working with materials made of carbon steel, contributing to our projects, and guaranteeing the highest levels of welding quality are all part of your job as a MIG welder.

We value your safety. It is important to strictly follow all health and safety guidelines and to report any difficulties or concerns as soon as possible to the appropriate individuals. Professionalism and respect are highly valued at work, and our team members are also expected to uphold these values.

Mig Welding Jobs Requirements

Being a successful Mig welder in Mig welding jobs takes more than just the ability to weld metals together. To execute projects, you may require a variety of talents, including estimates, modeling, and collaboration with a big group of specialists.

  • A mig welder with experience
  • knowledge of carbon steel welding techniques.
  • A persistent dedication to paying great attention to detail and a desire to produce excellent work.
  • Ready for work in Wielun, Poland.
  • Having current work permits and legal authorization to work in Poland.
  • Benefits of our job offers

Benefits of our job offers

  • Salary: 26 to 28 zt/hour (Netto) is the beginning range; it is negotiable based on experience and the job quality.
    Every six months, take advantage of continuous pay raises.
  • There is accessible accommodation available.
  • We provide free transportation.
  • Legal paperwork: The company will take care of all legal paperwork, such as the TRC application, ZUS, medical documents, and permits.
  • We support those who want to earn European Welder Qualification Certification.
  • For appropriate personal safety equipment utilized while at work, no deductions are imposed.

How to apply

If you are interested in this job, kindly visit our job portal website. Alternatively contact our staff through the contact details given on the website.

If you are looking for the top recruitment agency to make your career successful as a MIG welder, you are in the right spot. There is no need to look further. We are the best choice for you. Because when it comes to hiring welders around the nation, we are the best in the business. Suppose you decide to join our team of excellent professionals. In that case, it is your best decision for your career. Working as a mig welder with our professionals is a great opportunity to learn more welding-related techniques.

Here are some FAQS related to mig welder jobs.
  1. What are the main duties of a MIG welder?

The main duty of a MIG welder is to firmly fuse metal components together using Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding processes. This entails using welding equipment and monitoring the welds’ structural integrity.

  1. Which sectors commonly use MIG welders?

Several industries, including construction, automobile manufacture, shipbuilding, aerospace, and metal fabrication, have a high need for MIG welders.

  1. What credentials are necessary to work as a MIG welder?

Typically, you require a high school diploma or its equivalent to work as a MIG welder. Gaining welding qualifications can improve work opportunities, and vocational or technical training in welding is frequently recommended.

  1. Are there particular qualifications required for MIG welding positions?

Yes, MIG welders should be proficient in utilizing welding equipment. They should have abilities like precision welding, reading blueprints, understanding of welding safety procedures, and others.

  1. Does MIG welding provide prospects for job advancement?

Yes, skilled MIG welders can progress to positions as welding inspectors or supervisors. Additionally, advanced training and certifications can lead to opportunities in specialized welding positions.


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