Welding Engineer

Welding Engineer

Welding engineers work in the planning and design phase of large industrial projects. Instead of making the welds themselves, a certified welding engineer develops methods for welders to follow a project and determines what and how to weld so that everything is strong enough and safe when finished.

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A Certified International Welding Engineer is a professional who has obtained certification from an accredited organization, demonstrating that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to design, develop, and manage welding projects and processes to international standards.

The role of a welding engineer is to oversee and manage welding projects and processes. This includes designing and testing welding procedures, selecting the appropriate materials and equipment, and ensuring that the welding process meets industry standards for safety, efficiency, and quality.

Welding engineers can find job opportunities in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, energy, and transportation. Some common job titles include Welding Engineer, Welding Process Engineer, Welding Inspection Engineer, and Welding Quality Engineer.